About Canna-Management Corporation

The cannabis industry faces sweeping changes with the rapid pace of legalization. It’s only a matter of time before widespread legalization is a reality. For enterprising cannabis growers preparing their businesses for a competitive market, a tremendous opportunity is in sight. Canna-Management Corporation (CMC) offers a full range of consulting services to ensure that your canna-business is ready for the future.

Why Should I Hire a Cannabis Consulting Company?

Most cannabis companies do not pay taxes, do not comply with the most basic regulatory requirements, and lack many of the functional areas necessary to effective business management. T.J. Cape, owner of CMC, is committed to bridging the gap for canna-businesses who want to modernize all aspects of their business to reflect the increasing demands of a regulated market. This includes:

  • Licensing   
  • Regulatory Compliance  
  • HR management
  • Cannabis cultivation  
  • Research and Development   
  • Retail management
  • Marketing
  • Operational design     
  • Social media use
  • Facility design, construction, and management
  • Public relations  
  • Procurement
  • Budgeting and budget compliance

T.J. and his team of consultants possess decades of knowledge and the skills to implement sweeping changes that take most companies years to accomplish. With the help of CMC, you can have a legal business that complies with the latest regulations and produces choice strains that distinguish you from the competition.

How Can CMC Help My Canna-business profit?

T.J. has spent 30 years managing every aspect of large commercial Agricultural and Ornamental Horticulture. He has run some of the largest greenhouses in the world and traveled across the globe to learn everything he can about the best practices. This knowledge combined with the insight of a consulting team that specializes in the unique challenges of growing cannabis allows CMC to assemble the team your business needs to reach its full potential.

How Your Business Can Evolve in a Regulated Cannabis Market

Most growers acknowledge that they must “evolve” if they are to succeed in a competitive, regulated market. However, they tend to focus on improving cultivation practices and give little thought to other aspects of business management. But preparing for the future means much more than this. Succeeding in a competitive market will require cannabis organizations to build-out every functional area of their business. CMC’s thorough assessment identifies the areas of your business that need improvement and assigns you a team to:

  • Offer direct, hands-on assistance with implementation.
  • Provide guidance on any question related to their field of expertise.
  • Advise you where to invest in your business to produce the highest returns.
  • Address all of your business needs without adding expensive department heads to your payroll or hiring multiple consulting firms with divergent opinions.

Our consultants work with the common goal of finding what works for your business and communicate with each other to establish the best plan of action. They integrate changes into the very culture of your organization so that the changes stick long after our consultants leave.

Profit That Does Not Come at the Expense of Your Core Values

Many growers are unwilling to sacrifice ethics for profit. At CMC, we work with your core values and find a way for you to profit while remaining socially responsible and true to your company’s core values. CMC’s values closely parallel those of the cannabis industry, echoing messages of patient advocacy, sustainable growth, social and environmental responsibility. All of our consultants have strong convictions about the need to legalize cannabis and provide safe, effective, and affordable patients who need it.

Our Goal for the Cannabis Industry

The goal of CMC is to create a healthy and thriving cannabis market that integrates modern business practices into the current business model. For us, the unlimited potential of the fledgling cannabis industry provides the opportunity to create an industry with the same core values but a more efficient operation.

This does not mean transitioning to a corporate environment, but bringing best practices to standard operating procedures and maintaining an emphasis on quality and compliance.

To receive a free consultation with one of CMC’s specialists, contact us today at (415) 269-8015.