Licensing & Asset Protection

For new and existing canna-businesses, a license for growing cannabis is the first step towards legalizing your company. Even in states that have legalized recreational cannabis, the location of grow sites, dispensaries, and manufacturing/processing is limited to select areas and subject to:

  • Municipal or county regulations that have the power to approve or deny your license for growing cannabis.
  • Zoning ordinances restricting where you can grow, dispense, or process cannabis.
  • Constantly shifting regulatory requirements to maintain a legal business.

Luckily, the window of opportunity is opening as licensing guidelines are established. For more information on cities, counties, and states with licensing procedures contact us to find out if the location of your current or future canna-business qualifies for a business license.

How to Obtain a License for Growing Cannabis

In the absence of local and state regulations, there is no chance to grow or process cannabis legally. Instead, your business lacks the right to exist and can be forcibly shut down by authorities at any time. To protect your assets and avoid the heavy penalties, CMC provides you a pathway to obtaining a license for growing and cannabis. By researching local and state regulations, our consulting team provides you with information that you need to apply for a license to grow cannabis. Our comprehensive report outlines the:

  • Zoning regulations to ensure that your business is operating in a location zoned for growing and processing cannabis.
  • Fees and an application timeline for your license.
  • Requirements and restrictions of your license to grow cannabis.

CMC cultivates relationships with state and local government to increase your chances of obtaining a license to grow or process cannabis. We verify all information by contacting local and state government directly rather than relying on Internet-based research alone. This provides our clients with access on the day that new regulations are announced. Click here to find out if licenses to grow or process cannabis are available in your state or city.

Where Can I Obtain a License for Growing Cannabis?

A license for growing cannabis must be obtained through a state or local government agency to avoid stiff penalties at the federal level. While still federally illegal, local governments (states, counties, and cities) can issue a license for growing cannabis at their discretion. This opens a window of opportunity for business, turning areas of the city into indoor grow sites or a prime location for processing extracts and concentrates for consumption.

In many cases, a state will issue a license for growing cannabis but the city or county will have a separate process in place for zoning. These regulations are adopted to revitalize areas and generate revenue to improve the economic well-being by paying licensing application fees and taxes on your operation.

Are There Other Regulations for Growing and Processing Cannabis?

Cannabis is a product consumed by the public and subject to the same regulations as other industries such as food production. As the industry gains momentum, CMC’s team of experts anticipates the following will be required to operate a legal canna-business:

  • Hazmat reporting
  • Pesticide-use reporting
  • Utility baseline reporting
  • OSHA compliance
  • Documentation of safety program components (IIPP, Tailgate training, etc.)
  • Testing finished products for the presence of pesticides/pathogens

By establishing a record of safety for consumers, your business will retain a competitive advantage and have a history of compliance when these regulations are enacted at a federal level.

Internal & External Security

A cannabis cultivation or manufacturing business can provide you with a lucrative way to earn a living, but even a thriving company with a loyal customer base does not guarantee success. As your canna-business scales up from fledgling operation to market leader, your assets will need protection from internal and external threats.

Security and surveillance are critical to the success of the cannabis industry, and CMC has partnered with one of the nation’s top security firms to provide clients with:

  • Secure areas and prevent access by unauthorized personnel.
  • Secure transportation to ensure your products are protected and arrive at their destination safely.
  • Risk evaluation to take every possible measure for loss prevention.
  • Designing effective security systems to safeguard your business from potential threats.
  • Assessing your existing security system and protocols to identify any vulnerability and recommend solutions.
  • Investigating internal theft and fraud.
  • Vetting employees to confirm professional credentials and any past behaviors that may put your business at risk.
  • Training internal security staff to monitor and identify potential risks.

Part of your assessment will focus on your approach to security and identify any threats that may prevent your business from succeeding.

For the latest information on licensing and regulations for cannabis, contact CMC at (415) 269-8015. One of our regulatory consultants will provide you with the information you need to obtain a license for your canna-business.