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  • Breaking the Stigma Associated with Cannabis

    For years, marijuana has been thought of as a recreational drug that not only slows down mental thought, but also turns the user into a "stoner", who can rarely function. Hollywood has fueled the stigma by exaggerating the drug’s recreational effects. Movies like Pineapple Express, Weekend at Bernie’s and

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Satisfaction is the key to a successful business.  You want your customers to be satisfied with the quality of your product and you want nurture your Cannabis to grow well.  

    But have you ever considered the satisfaction of your employees?

    It sounds like a simple.  Happy employees make for happy customers.  

  • From Patient to Medical Cannabis Pioneer – Mara Gordon

    Mara Gordon 3 I’m very excited to have Mara Gordon as my very first guest on The Medical Pot Guide.

    Mara is the co-founder of Aunt Zelda’s, a private mutual benefit, non-profit collective,

  • How Dr. Frank Lucido Pioneered Cannabis Treatment Since 1997
    Frank Lucido MD 3In episode 03 I have the honor of interviewing one of the true pioneers in the medical cannabis movement….Dr. Frank H. Lucido. I love this interview. In it Dr. Lucido talks in great detail
  • Will California Really Get it Right with AUMA? – Amanda Reiman PhD

    Amanda ReimanToday’s show is very timely and important, especially to the people of California who will have their chance in November to vote on the full legalization of marijuana for adult use.  Today, we will be