Join Our Team

Canna-Management Corporation is a newly opened full-service consultation firm.  Our team of experts can provides support in building out every functional area of business management. Our goal is to provide cannabis producers with the tools they need to succeed in the regulated, competitive business environment and to indirectly support causes of cannabis legalization and patient rights. We hope that you will join us.

We are currently searching for a few seasoned experts to round out our world-class team. Interested applicants should send a resume, including hourly consulting fee, to

Dispensary Management Consultant 

A successful candidate would have experience in managing cannabis dispensaries or significant experience managing other retail operations that include the relevant skillset below. Special consideration will be given to applicants with knowledge of product management and or marketing is a bonus.

Primary job responsibilities include: 

  • Improving the visual appeal and comfort of dispensaries. 
  • Providing dispensaries with processes for measuring consumer behavior including customer retention, macro and micro sales trends, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Facilitating the development of advertising, sales, and promotions.
  • Building out processes for employee development, performance evaluation, and other management strategies.

To apply for this position, send an email with the subject “Dispensary Management Consultant” to

Cannabis Tax Accountant 

Cannabis tax returns are unique by virtue of the fact that cannabis may be legal at the state level but is illegal but the federal level. We are looking for a tax accountant who understands the specific requirements associated with doing cannabis company tax returns. A successful candidate must be properly licensed and have some direct experience working with cannabis tax returns. 

Primary job responsibilities include:

  • Completing tax returns for CMC customers to comply with local, state, and federal regulations. 
  • Advisory duties that encompass recommendations and advice on how to improve business operations for tax purposes.
  • Developing your role to match market needs and lead the way for best practices for the cannabis tax industry.

To apply for this position, send an email with the subject “Cannabis Tax Accountant” to

Regulatory Compliance Expert

A successful candidate should have a current pesticide applicators license, direct experience with pest management, and direct experience implementing food safety programs. An ideal candidate would also have experience in implementing organic certification programs and a work-place safety program.

Main job responsibilities include: 

  • Ensure compliance in all facets of the customer’s pesticide application program including appropriate training, proper signage and storage, required PPE, proper application equipment, best application methods, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of food safety standards, the operating assumption and industry standards for the cannabis market.  
  • Setting up the food safety program at every face with a food safety administrator and auditors.
  • Structuring and implement work-place safety program including IIPP, tailgate safety program, and facilities review processes.

To apply for this position, send an email with the subject “Regulatory Compliance Expert” to