Marketing Solutions

Branding that differentiates your product from your competitors and connects you to a loyal customer base. CMC’s marketing solutions help your business become associated with high-quality products that customers willing to pay top dollar. Our team of consultants includes a social media expert and marketing operations manager to optimize your presence in digital and print media. CMC will develop and grow your brand by acquiring a following that responds to:

  • Email marketing campaigns with carefully crafted messages that add value for your customers.
  • Product launches that introduce the benefits of these new products to your customers.
  • Posts on social media that develop you as an innovative market leader.

Without engaging your customers on traditional and digital marketing channels, you are missing valuable opportunities for potential customers to understand the features of your business that distinguish you from your competitors. Click here for a free consultation on marketing solutions that will differentiate your canna-business from the competition.

Social Media Engagement

There is no getting past it–social media is the today’s mechanism for communicating your company’s value proposition to the public. By providing timely and relevant information to your customers, you will establish a reputation for quality that will help you expand your market and increase sales.

CMC has a dedicated Social Media expert who can assist you in making the most of this avenue to increased product visibility and real-time communication with your customers. You will create a roadmap for posting on social media sites and gain insight into how your customers are interacting with your brand. Contact us to receive a free assessment of your current social media strategy and recommendations for improvement.

Retail Management & Marketing

Regrettably, most cannabis dispensaries lack the visual appeal and creature comforts found in most retail settings. It is time for dispensaries to recognize the benefits of creating a consumer-friendly environment and employing time-tested marketing strategies to increase traffic and sales. The CMC staff includes an experienced retail sales/dispensary manager who can help you build out your retail center and optimize the marketing of your product. CMC can also create processes for tracking key retail metrics including:

  • Average purchase value for an accurate idea of purchase dollars, per capita, per visit.
  • Incremental sales to determine the success of specific marketing programs and promotions.
  • Customer retention rates to evaluate your ability to retain new customers and to generate recurring revenue from existing customers.
  • Point of Purchase analysis to find out where purchases are occurring (online, in the dispensary, or via delivery service).
  • Customer satisfaction surveys to measure the quality of your customer service and provides a reflection of the public’s perception of your business.

Each piece of information will be delivered in a concise report that includes recommendations to increase your customer base and provide the feedback you need to meet your customers’ needs.

For more information on how CMC’s marketing solutions can help your business succeed, contact us at (415) 269-8015.