Employee Satisfaction

Satisfaction is the key to a successful business.  You want your customers to be satisfied with the quality of your product and you want nurture your Cannabis to grow well.  

But have you ever considered the satisfaction of your employees?

It sounds like a simple.  Happy employees make for happy customers.   However, did you know that happy people also make for happy plants?    It has been proven by many studies that satisfied employees create higher profit margins.

Happy Plant Study

In many studies over the years, in the realm plant neurobiology, it has been proven that plants can sense and feel.   Not in the way we understand, and feel but it still effects their growing patterns.     In one study, when played a recording of caterpillars munching, the plants reacted with sending out defensive chemicals.  In another, plants reacted adversely to people yelling in an angry tone.   The science of plant intelligence is still in its infancy, but there is strong evidence that plants grow to twice their size when played gentle music and are around people who are calm and happy.

A key for you, would be to have happy employees, not only for your customer base, but for your plants as well.   That is an element that you can control.

Study about Happy Employees creating Profits

We’ve all heard about Fortune Magazine’s annual 100 best places to work for.   Many think that it is all about the person who is a job seeker.   But what has been found, is that happy and satisfied employees create a profit for any business.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when they looked at that list for 2014, the following year, those companies increased revenues by an average of 22.2 percent, which is 5 times higher than the national average.

So by investing in the well being of your employees, you make a substantial investment in your company.

How to Create an Environment of Happy Employees

There are several key steps to creating a supportive environment. 

Any good management consultant can walk into your doors and tell within a few minutes if its employees are well treated. Even on the worst of days, the employee joy and  sense of a shared purpose is easy to see and feel.   You can tell when an employee is there ‘phoning in’ the job with lackluster appearance and forced smiles. 

Here are a few simple steps to create better employee report and satisfaction.  Oddly, many of things you can do for your employees, don’t involve a lot of money, but in fact, money well spent and intangible benefits.


1) Pay fairly.    The bottom line for you, is also a bottom line for your employees. They have basic needs to make, and being able to support themselves and their families is why they are working for you.   There’s an old saying,  at the end of the day, it’s about the pay.   Smart leaders pay people well.  That’s it.   Pay them well first.

2) Set clear goals. If you don’t know what your priorities are, how will your employees?  You need to set milestones and goals, so that your employees know what is expected.  

3) Open door policy.   When management and owners are responsive, engaging and most importantly approachable, employees are more loyal and take initiative to create a better company. By actively soliciting the employees in the trenches feel heard and valued, but often they can thwart trouble by seeing the problems when they are small and taking action.

4) Deliver benefits. In this economy, benefits are worth money and piece of mind.  Tangible benefits like  a good health plan, transportation, childcare, a fitness center, flex time, maternity and paternity leave, free lunch on Fridays or employee discounts are important make people’s lives better.  They end up reciprocating the feeling of  appreciation and have increased loyalty.

5) Increase the flexibility. Not only is there flex time in working, but there is also a flexibility of where to work.  With wifi, some work can be done in the comfort of jammies.   An employee who can schedule work on their own time, often meet deadlines.   

6) Victory Dance.   It’s important to recognize success. According to the principles of Six Sigma, an award winning management paradigm, employee recognition is a standard for excellence.   Those employee of the month plaques aren’t as hokey as they might seem.   People need to feel pride and acceptance.

7) Face Time.    You don’t have to schedule boring meetings and parties, but the need to bond is important.   Many companies encourage their employees to walk around and talk to each other.   This bonding is important.    A meeting without an agenda, just a time to talk can be vital once a month to air grievances but also to celebrate wins and victories.

8 ) Share the profits and create career growth.   When an employees can share the profits via bonuses and know that they can move up in the company, their investment in the company grows. 

9) Make your workplace fun. Encourage people to bring their passions to work and engage others in their hobbies.   Connecticut College fostered a knitting club on Thursday lunch hour.   Not only did this lead to bonding, and great lunches, but many beautiful hand knit sweaters.   Fun is a great stress relievers.

Happy Employees equal happy plants equal happy profits and a thriving business.