Human Resource Management

Happy employees are productive employees, and the creation of a well-structured human resources department is essential to ensuring fair and consistent labor practices, a strong retention rate, a healthy company culture and ultimately, a successful business. CMC will help you build out a Human Resource Department to support your workers and protect your company. Our services include the creation of:

  • Employee policy manual
  • Payroll system
  • Employee benefits module
  • Employee engagement process
  • Comprehensive documentation system

It is important to be aware that our fledgling industry is subject to complex, continuous regulatory changes that can vary from city to city and from state to state. Let CMC help you navigate the shifting landscape of labor law and human resource management. Contact us for a free evaluation of your business to find out how you can improve.

Establishing Safety Regulations

The development of a workplace safety program is key to taking care of your valued employees, managing costs and mitigating threats to the business. Workmen’s compensation claims have skyrocketed in recent years and now represent a significant threat to businesses such as yours. CMC will help your organization to develop a comprehensive safety program that includes the following components:

  • Site review to identify hazards.
  • Hazard abatement plan.
  • The creation of a tail-gate safety training program that regards relevant and site-specific activities and risks.
  • A system for documenting your safety training efforts.
  • The creation of operating procedures for all power machinery used on the premises.
  • Trendline analysis of all standard safety metrics.

Implementing a protocol for safety issues can mean the difference between success or losing your profits in the absence of documentation that protects your employees and company.

To develop your human resources department, contact CMC at (415) 269-8015 for a free consultation.