From Patient to Medical Cannabis Pioneer – Mara Gordon

Mara Gordon 3 I’m very excited to have Mara Gordon as my very first guest on The Medical Pot Guide.

Mara is the co-founder of Aunt Zelda’s, a private mutual benefit, non-profit collective, committed to helping chronically ill patients maximize the benefits of cannabis.

Mara is also a popular speaker in the area of cannabis and cancer, and has presented at several CME accredited conferences, as well as conferences around the world. She has accumulated significant data on patient dosing protocols, and has developed a software solution to guide physicians in prescribing cannabinoid therapies.

Mara Gordon 4In this interview, Mara answers the following questions:

  • You come from a very technical background. Tell us the story of how and why you transitioned from the IT Manager for Safeway to developing medicinal cannabis extracts and co-founding Aunt Zelda’s?
  • Tell me more about Aunt Zelda’s and Zelda’s Therapeutics. What are they and how do they help people?
  • Can you tell us a bit about the different ways that your patients can take medicinal cannabis?
  • Aunt Zelda’s just recently formed an alliance with New Frontier. Who is New Frontier and how will this alliance affect the way that you work with patients?
  • What is your approach to working with chronically ill people? How do you determine the best protocol to help with their specific conditions?
  • What are some of the more common chronic conditions that are successfully treated by medicinal cannabis?
  • Can you tell us some success stories?
  • Have you had any push-back from the traditional medical community?
  • Are your treatments covered by any insurance?
  • What is the Rational Unified Process and how do you apply it in your development of cannabis extracts? Boy, that was a mouthful of techno talk that takes me back to my tech days.
  • What were the challenges that you faced by working in an industry which could get you arrested or shut down due to the Federal Laws which still lists Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug?
  • How has your work affected the industry as a whole?
  • Do you have any advice for people who are dealing with chronic conditions that are concerned or scared to try using medicinal cannabis?

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