Mission Statement

CMC’s primary goal is to support cannabis legalization and to provide safe, effective, affordable cannabis to patients who need it. As consultants, we support these goals by assisting our clients in creating compliant, competitive, socially responsible companies. This could mean helping investors start their business from scratch or provide assistance to growers who want to convert their operation to a more profitable, legal business.

Although the goals listed above are central to our efforts, there are many secondary/related goals for which we advocate:

  • Producing cannabis products that are safe for consumers.
  • Creating a positive image public image for the cannabis industry.
  • Protecting the environment through sustainable growing practices.
  • Promoting governance that is based on scientific fact, not prejudice or superstition.
  • Making sure that cannabis pioneers have a place in the future of the cannabis industry.
  • Taxing cannabis Sales and making productive use of the proceeds.
  • Eliminating the impotent war on drugs.
  • Eliminating the illegal cannabis trade in the U.S.
  • Creating jobs through the expansion of the cannabis industry.
  • Controlling the distribution of cannabis so that it does not get into the hands of children or criminals.

CMC’s goal is to strike a balance between legal compliance and positive values of the current cannabis culture while ensuring the health and longevity of your business in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

The Future of Commercial Cannabis

The current market for cannabis is dominated by small businesses with the desire to share their passion for exceptional products. With the upcoming discussion of commercial legalization, the cannabis industry, and its culture is threatened by multi-national corporations seeking to take over the market. Large companies have vested interests in this industry and the resources to secure everything they need to comply with any regulatory requirements. This will leave small- and medium-sized businesses at a disadvantage, struggling to compete.

CMC advocates the continuation of small businesses and localized production that preserves the current cannabis culture. Not only does our team provide advice and assistance, but we also band together to fight for legislation to protect small to medium-sized businesses from the threats that they face from corporate interests. All of our recommendations are tailored to your business, meticulously reviewing every detail to identify how to improve your profitability in a way that supports the broader goals of the cannabis industry.

To find out what we can do for you, contact (415) 269-8015 for a free assessment of your business needs.