Operations Management

The seamless management of your business requires a long, hard look at areas that can be improved. Operations management is a valuable tool to evaluate and assess your current business, identifying areas for improvement and a direction for future growth.

CMC has several consultants who specialize in operations management, enabling you to grow and expand in a way that ensures a long-term profit. Many practices that we recommend are well-established in other industries but have not yet been adopted by the cannabis market. We anticipate that the rapid pace of legalization will cause a shift in the industry and require new and existing companies to implement a successful operations management strategy to survive the competitive market.

Optimizing Cultural Practices

As the movement towards legalization accelerates, many cannabis growers recognize that they must evolve to succeed in the regulated, competitive industry. The culture of your business requires continuous updating and improvement for ongoing success. By evaluating the latest scientific and technological innovations for your operational activities, CMC’s experienced growers can help you modernize growing practices for:

  • Enhanced yields
  • Improved potency
  • Optimized flavor expression

We understand that every operation is unique, and cultural practices must be tailored to match site-specific goals and conditions. Thus, our consultants conduct targeted research to create a growing program that best fits your needs. Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can help you improve your business.

Managing Operational Design for Increased Efficiency

Every business owner knows how difficult it is to effect a permanent change in an organization. Our operational design staff includes experts who work directly with your frontline team to implement and institutionalize change in your organization. Let CMC’s seasoned operational managers show you how to adopt efficiency programs including:

  • Lean Flow
  • 5s
  • Total Quality Management

These production operations have proven effective at increasing efficiency and accuracy while reducing operational costs to limit unnecessary expenses eating into your profits. Click here to find out how CMC can help save you money.

Cost-Saving Procurement Through Preferred Suppliers

Our expert cultivators have conducted comparative tests and have identified alternatives to “traditional” cannabis products. These alternatives are far cheaper and, in many cases, superior to the boutique products that marketed to cannabis growers. Our preferred supplier program will:

  • Introduce these products to your company
  • Show you how to use these products to increase the quality and quantity of your yield
  • Arrange for you to purchase them even lower price than wholesale

CMC can also structure a procurement module that will organize your purchasing, receiving, accounts payable and inventory management functions for greater efficiency and an accelerated payment cycle. Our resident experts research this information on a regular basis, so you have the latest information at your fingertips.

Maintenance & Construction for Operational Efficiency

As an evolving industry, cannabis cultivation has managed to progress without the efficiency that categories most businesses. But as the cannabis market is changing shifts to the mainstream, companies are taking a hard look at operational efficiency for the sake of their survival.

Constructing the right facility and maintaining operational efficiency is crucial to establishing a viable and profitable business. The role of your CMC consulting tram is to support you by:

  • Developing preventative maintenance schedules to ensure optimal performance.
  • Maintaining on-hand inventory to help your business run smoothly.
  • Establishing standard operating procedures to streamline your production.
  • Comprehensively evaluating your facility to determine whether or not you are equipped to meet the dynamic needs of the cannabis industry.

To find out how making these changes can improve your profitability and put you at the forefront of the cannabis market, contact us for more information.

Design & Installation That Anticipates Expansion

Each grow space and production site has a unique set of features that can support your business with calculated design and installation or set your company back without careful consideration. The CMC consulting team includes industry experts who will help you avoid common oversights and pitfalls that befall novice designers and result in budget overruns and performance issues. These services include:

  • Designing facilities that perfectly match your unique needs.
  • Complying with all applicable building codes.
  • Creating sufficient room for efficient, safe operational flows compatible with future expansion.
  • Procuring the required construction materials and ensuring timely delivery at very competitive wholesale prices.

CMC’s extensive experience working with utilities and government agencies enables us to navigate challenges and succeed in the legal cannabis market.

Harvesting Analysis to Ensure Potency & Quality

As medicinal and recreational cannabis gain popularity, the issue of dosage has become a crucial part of a successful harvest. Understanding the potency and quality of your strains will allow you to market to dispensaries and establish your business as the definitive source for exceptional cannabis in your market. CMC provide businesses with a science-based analysis to determine if you are achieving the optimal yield, potency and terpene profile for each strain you cultivate. This service includes:

  • Analysis and rationalization of trimming accuracy (optimized flower: sweet leaf ratios)
  • Analysis of harvest timing to ensure maximum potency (best ratio of THC to CBG)
  • Analysis of moisture content to maximize weight while guaranteeing excellent smoking and vaporizing characteristics.
  • The design of harvesting processes that minimizes handling and flower damage.
  • Analysis of storage conditions to ensure that quality is preserved.

This report will allow our consults to suggest timely and cost-saving measures to ensure that your cannabis crop is at its peak.

To find out how CMC can help you grow your business, contact (415) 269-8015 for a free consultation with one of our qualified consultants.