Frequently Asked Questions

Success is elusive for any new or existing business. CMC’s full-service consulting services can help you overcome the challenges unique to the cannabis and ornamental market. Learn more about our process by reading some frequently asked questions about the services that we provide:

How will I be charged for your services?

The first half-hour consultation session is free of charge. After your free assessment, all services are billed at an hourly rate plus expenses. All costs must be approved by you before services will be rendered, allowing you to plan your investment carefully.

Is there a customer satisfaction guarantee?

YES. If you are not totally satisfied with the quality of the service that we provide, you will not be charged. Period.

How do we get started?

Normally, the first step in our process is a meeting with our Performance Management and Presentation Packaging specialist. She has a Masters degree in Instructional Technology and more  than  17 years of experience in training and performance development with high-profile global clients and is an expert at:

  • Engaging clients to determine their needs and which of our subject matter experts (SMEs) should be deployed to address these issues.
  • Developing action plans, specific service deliverables, implementation process  and follow­up schedule.

By starting off in this manner, we ensure the consistency and completeness of the service that we provide.

My company is a small and we have limited funds to invest. Can we address our needs one at a time?

Absolutely. In fact, we always recommend slow, methodical change. Our goal is to affect permanent changes in your organization. This will not occur if we do not:

  • Involve your employees in the process and demonstrate the benefits of the change.
  • Clarify individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Create quantifiable measures of success and control points to prevent.

All of these things take time but they are necessary to achieve lasting change and the complete support of your staff.

How will I know if I am getting my money’s worth?

Our process includes creating specific measures of success AND regular progress reports.  Wherever possible,  progress will be expressed in terms of “dollars saved or earned” enabling you to quickly gauge your return on investment.

How long do I have before regulatory agencies begin to inspect my facilities?

No one knows for sure. In Colorado, some elements of regulatory over-site went into effect immediately after legalization!  Thus, prudence would dictate that we start the process of creating comprehensive compliance programs as soon as possible.

How will you persuade my employees to support the changes that you propose?

Great question!   Every seasoned supervisor knows that lasting change cannot be achieved without the support of the front-line staff.  Garnering the support of these individuals requires:

  • Involving them in the process. – Active communication.
  • Respecting their input and addressing their concerns.
  • Demonstrating the benefits of the change to the organization and its employees.

It is naive to think that every employee will be open to change and, no doubt, some will elect to leave. Progress has its price but failing to change virtually guarantees that your organization will not meet the demands of a competitive, regulated market.

I am interested in modernizing my operations but I do not want to change the Culture of my organization.  Can you guarantee that your company will respect our organizational values?

The reality is this: If our company does NOT respect the values of your organization, we will not achieve our stated goals. Our success is predicated on garnering the support of your staff. However, if your existing company culture is adverse to change, even when it is necessary to ensure the continuing success of the company then there is no point in enlisting our services. We do not believe that change can be “coerced”. Lasting change can only be achieved when it is a core value of the organization.

Right now, my company is very profitable. Why would I want to change the way that I do business?

Right now, Cannabis companies are enjoying HUGE profit margins.   NOW is the time to use these profits to invest in the development of your organization so that you will remain profitable when market prices fall and the cost of doing businesc increases.

The study of economics teaches us that EVERY industry “matures”. The earmarks of maturation are the equilibrium of supply and demand, increased competition, falling prices and shrinking margins.  The relative profitability of cannabis production virtually guarantees that the industry will become VERY competitive, VERY quickly.


I purchase all of my growing supplies from my local hydroponic store. Can you reduce my costs?

Probably. If you are paying “retail” prices, we can certainly see that you have the benefit of the lowest “wholesale” prices. Most cannabis growers buy soils, fertilizer and other chemicals that are marketed as being “designed for cannabis cultivation.” However, careful inspection of these materials will show you that that most of them are identical to materials that are used in large-scale horticulture.

We have conducted comparative tests and have identified alternatives to “traditional” cannabis products that are far cheaper and, in many cases, superior to the boutique products that are marketed to cannabis growers. We can introduce these products to your company, show you how to use them and arrange for you to purchase them at a discount to normal wholesale prices

We are not sure what strains to grow. Can you help?

Yes. Our team actively monitors regional/national sales trends and new strain releases to stay abreast of the latest customer preferences. We also have a number of tools that we can use to analyze your sales outlets to identify and respond to emerging demand trends.

Our dispensary is losing business to a competitor. We do not know why. How can you help?

Definitely. Our Dispensary Performance Review examines all aspects of dispensary performance including:

  • Facility design: Do your customers find your facility comfortable/inviting?
  • Product pricing: Is your product competitively priced?
  • Product relevance: Do you carry the products that you customer want?
  • Service satisfaction: Are your customers happy with the quality of service you are providing?
  • Customer loyalty: Are you retaining customers and what are their spending habits?
  • Competition survey: What are your competitors up to and how can you compete more effectively.

This analysis will identify the cause of your problems. We can then craft a retail strategy to resolve your problems and grow your business.