Preferred Suppliers

American Horticultural Supply


Most cannabis growers buy soils, fertilizer and other chemicals that are marketed as being “designed for cannabis cultivation.” However, careful inspection of these materials will show you that that most of them are identical to materials that are used in large-scale horticulture.  Our expert cultivators have conducted comparative tests and have identified alternatives to “traditional” cannabis products that are far cheaper and, in many cases, superior to the boutique products that are marketed to cannabis growers. 

In addition, many Cannabis producer still purchase costly cultivation materials from RETAIL shops…   CMC can provide a list of the most progressive and least expensive wholesale suppliers, guaranteeing material cost savings. Our resident experts research these sources on a regular basis so you have the latest information at your fingertips.

We have found these suppliers to provide the best material options and lowest wholesale prices.   CMC can connect you with these firms and insure that you receive the best service and the lowest possible prices.