Consulting Services

The cannabis industry is changing, with new regulations for local and state governments taking effect daily. The number of cities issuing cannabis growing licenses is steadily increasing but limited to a select number of applicants. By delaying your application, you may be missing vital deadlines that cause your cannabis business to lose a large share of the market or leave you vulnerable to legal penalties.

At Canna-Management Corporation, we evaluate your existing or prospective business to ensure that every aspect falls in line with current policies and the best growing and extraction processes. Our consultants are experts in their fields and have the insight to recommend improvements that will modernize your business and enable you to build a profitable business. The first step is obtaining a license that enables your business to operate legally, protecting you from the frequent raids as well as financial and legal penalties.

Cannabis Growing, Manufacturing, & Dispensing License: The Legal Path to Success

The amount of misinformation surrounding the application process for a cannabis growing license is staggering. Disreputable individuals have granted cannabis growing licenses despite having no legal authorization, often leaving growers caught in the midst of legal battles to save their products and avoid heavy penalties. Medical marijuana is now legal in more than half of the U.S. and states have begun to issue new licenses for:

  • Cannabis growing
  • Manufacturing extracts and concentrates
  • Dispensaries

CMC supports canna-businesses by recommending locations zoned for growing, manufacturing, and dispensing cannabis and guiding customers through the complex license application process. Our goal is to help you set up a profitable, legal cannabis business that complies with all regulations and best practices for the industry. Every change recommended by our consultants aligns with the vision of your business, producing results that increase profitability and maintain your integrity.

How Our Consulting Service Works

CMC specializes in assessing your business needs and assembling a talented team of consultants to help you implement on-site changes with a timeline that works for you. Our consultants have spent decades learning the ins and outs of their fields and will be your resource for improvement in:

We understand that many owners of small and medium-sized businesses are reluctant to take the first step towards expansion because of the investment involved, but we guarantee that if you enact the changes recommended by our consultants, your profitability will increase. If budget is your primary concern, we can help you identify the areas that require the smallest investment to produce the most impact and work towards incremental change.

Data Tracking & Reporting: Measuring Your Success

Financial performance is NOT the only performance metric that an operational manager must monitor. Other important metrics must be monitored if you want to know what’s happening in your operation and make informed management decisions. These include:

  • Trendline analysis for harvest yield and potency.
  • Productivity and accuracy reporting for all operational functions.
  • Safety performance metrics.
  • Pre and Post-production theft and shrink rates.
  • On-hand inventory.
  • Employee morale surveys.
  • Product life-cycle analysis.

They say “employees respect what is inspected” and the act measuring and publishing this information improves employee focus and results. We will provide you with a detailed report with valuable information to help you measure the overall success of your business and identify areas for improvement.

For a free consultation, contact Canna-Management at (415) 269-8015 or fill out this form. One of our top-level consultants will respond within 24-48 hours.