Social Responsibility & Philanthropy

Most of us in the cannabis community share a passion for patient rights and a myriad of related social causes. In addition, the controversial nature of the cannabis business requires that business owners take active steps to curry favor with their neighbors and the powers that be. One of the best ways to do this is to build a turn-key philanthropy program into your business plan.

The Canna-Management team includes a world-class philanthropy program expert who can facilitate the creation and management of your philanthropy program and leverage this program in demonstrating your company’s commitment to the supporting worthy causes.

Staying True to Our Roots

CMC is closely aligned with various patient advocacy/social justice organizations- We believe that “social responsibility” is “good business”.  Many cannabis users want to know where their cannabis comes from and want to purchase from companies that respect the broader goals of our industry. We will educate your employees on social responsibility and how your business supports social, environmental, moral responsibility.

To discover how your business can benefit from a program for social responsibility and philanthropy, contact CMC at (415) 269-8015 for a free consultation.